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Jonathane Ricci provides his professional project management services to his clients (individuals and businesses) in many jurisdictions around the world. With his vast 23 years of experience, Jonathane Michael Ricci Lawyer is an expert in two umbrella areas of practice: (i) Asset & Wealth Protection and (ii) Tax Optimization.

Obviously you work hard for your money, our assets, and our wealth, then. WHY should you make it easy for anyone to come along and take all hard earned wealth from you that belongs to YOU only? But, Jonathane Ricci’s management strategies make it difficult for someone (by ‘someone’, JR is referring to a lawsuit, a creditor, taxing authorities, spouse, ex-spouse, family member, etc.) to come along and try to chip away at your wealth.

Jonathane Michael Ricci

With Mr Ricci’s assistance, you CAN operate your business with more protection. You CAN hold your money, your assets, your business, your wealth in a better way. In fact, you CAN place barriers between you/your wealth and the people trying to take it away from you.

Jonathane Ricci has many clients worldwide, including 1PLUS12, a global real estate education company that has changed the lives of many of its clients for the better over the last 8 years of its operation.

Jonathane Michael Ricci believes in Tax Optimization. What if the way you conduct yourself, the way you earn income, and/or the way your business earns income, can be optimized to pay less taxes that you currently pay? Jonathane Ricci has management service strategies that have achieved tax optimization for many of his clients in different jurisdictions around the world.

Jonathane Ricci’s flagship management company is A13MG, headquartered in Toronto Canada. A13MG is a private company providing trust management services to high net worth individuals and private family and business offices around the world. A13MG provides high end trust management services, including but not limited to, the buying and selling of assets in trust, holding properties and assets, buy/sell escrow services, commission arrangements, tax optimization services, hiring lawyers, accountants and tax professionals, business executive, director services, and shareholder services. The company is owned and operated with the highest regard for Privacy, Trust, Protection, Professionalism and Confidentiality.

Jonathane Ricci

Another management service Jonathane Michael Ricci has focussed on recently are the management services around the buying and selling of fine art and similar assets. Professional financial advisors, institutional investors and private collectors/investors have come to appreciate art as a real asset. Art proves to have longevity and substance as an alternative asset class. There has been a growing interest in art related services among the financial community, and an increasing focus on portfolio diversification from clients. As Art and like collectible assets represent sizable assets for many collectors, Jonathane Ricci Lawyer works with a professional team offering a wide range of audit, consulting, risk and tax services that pertain to the art / high end asset world, in coordination with an international network of advisors. Jonathane Ricci believes that there is a significant opportunity to integrate the concept of collectible assets in wealth management. Services such as asset allocation strategy, liquidity optimisation, manage over-exposure to risk, develop appropriate reporting, optimize taxation, organise appropriate transmission to heirs, effective tax and inheritance planning for collections, gifting, and donation to charities are all examples of services that can be integrated in an extended wealth management service offering.

WHO is Jonathane Ricci Lawyer? A lawyer by background, Jonathane Michael Ricci has worked with KPMG, an international accounting and tax management firm, and has worked as a lawyer in his own firms and businesses, and is currently licensed and in good standing in New York and Michigan. Jonathane Ricci has spent his professional life understanding the basics and fundamentals of Taxation and Asset Protection, and is now sharing that knowledge and experience with his clients by way of offering professional management services worldwide.

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